Cons and Pros of Motor(brushless and brushed motor )

At present, The airless paint sprayers can have one of two difference types of motor: brushed and brushless.
Until recently the most commonly seen motor is the brushed type., which work by having small contact brushes
inside the motor that cause it to spin. They cannot be adjusted or tuned. However, there are also non fixed
motors available that have the advantage that you can adjust and replace the brushes to get the best results.
Brushed motors have the advantage of being widely available and relatively cheap. They are equipped all most all
kinds of airless paint sprayers with piston pump and diagram pump.
Now the brushless motors are becoming more popular amongs airless paint sprayers. Since they offers several
advantages over brushed DC motors, including more torque per watt (increased efficiency), increased reliability,
reduced noise, longer lifetime (no brush and commutator erosion), elimination of ionizing sparks from the
commutator, and overall reduction of electromagnetic interference.
The following is the table for cons and pros of these two type of motor:

Brushed DC Motor


* Two wire control

* Rebuild new brush for extended life

* Low cost of construction

* Simple and inexpensive control

* No controller is required for fixed speeds

* Operates in extreme environments due to lack of electronics


* Periodic maintenance is required

* Speed/torque is moderately flat. At higher speeds, brush friction increases, thus reducing useful torque

* Poor heat dissipation due to internal rotor construction

* Higher rotor inertia limits the dynamic characteristics

* Lower speed range due to mechanical limitations on the brushes

* Brush arcing will generate noise causing electrical magnetic interference (EMI)

Brushless DC Motor


* Electronic commutation based on position sensors vs mechanical switch for brushed

* Less maintenance due to absence of brushes

* Speed/Torque- flat, enables operation at all speeds with rated load

* High efficiency, no voltage drop across brushes

* High output power to size ratio.

* Reduced size due to superior thermal characteristics. Because the windings are connected to the case

the heat disipation is better

* Higher speed range – no mechanical limitation imposed by brushes/commutator

* Low electric noise generation (EMI)


* Higher cost of construction

* Control is complex and expensive

* Electric controller(ESC) is required to keep the motor running which is sometimes more expensive than the motor.

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