X6 airless sprayer for PPG JONMAT Premium Contract Matt emulsion

We tested our X6 airless paint sprayer with 519 tip size, for spraying the PPG JONMAT Premium Contract Matt Emulsion paint without water dilution, 32% volume solid.

The spraying pressure is 100bar, and keep very stable without up or down, which means the spraying finish is very equal and nice.

This is even better than any professional big piston pumps which the pressure is controlled by the pressure sensor.

Below is the technical data sheet for the PPG JONMAT Premium Contract Matt Emulsion

Jonmat Premium Contract Matt (Ecological
Generated on 07.01.2018
Detailed description
Jonmat Premium Contract Matt is water based, premium quality emulsion
designed for interior use on walls and ceilings such as new or aged plaster,
wallboards, concrete, cement rendering, brickwork and blockwork.
It provides an obliterating, permeable finish that is ideal for new plaster.
Allows fresh plaster to dry out to help avoid cracking.
• EU Ecolabel Approved.
• Water based.
• Premium obliterating.
• For new plaster.
Product guidance – As Standard
Water based.
12–14 m²/ litre.
Drying time:
Touch dry in 1-2 hours. Recoatable after 2–4 hours.
Volume solids:
Film thickness:
• Dry – 21 μm.
• Wet: 90 μm.
VOC content:
Low (0.30-7.99%)
Application method:
Johnstone’s Trade Paints – a brand of PPG

Johnstone’s Trade Paints – a brand of PPG Industries
Brush, roller or spray.
7,000 colours are available via Johnstone’s Tinting System


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