DP-6376 Prata Plus Classe Airless Pistola (W / O Filtro para dentro)

-tipo-dp-6376-prata plus-sem ar-spray-gun-wo-filtro no interior


DP-6376 Prata mais abafado tipo pistola (wo filtrar dentro)


Large fluid passing way without filter inside for large output volume, less clog and higher efficiency, mainly used for big painting project.
Painting go through the tip nozzle directly, without touch to the needle or spring. Reduce the parts worn or rusting.

2-finger or 4-finger types are both available.

Max.pressure: 345bar / 5000psi

Outlet thread: 11/16″ or 7/8″.

Inlet connector: 1/4″NPSM, 1/4″PT, M16*1.5




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