DP-T20SS stainless steel paint tank 20 liter

  • Model Number: DP-T20SS
  • Tank capacity: 20L / 5.3 Gal (40L/60L are also available)
  • Air inlet: 1/4''
  • Fluid outlet: 1/4''
Stainless steel paint tank

stainless steel paint tank for water-based and oil-based coatings spraying

Technical data Of DP-T20SS stainless steel paint tank 20 liter:

DP-T20SS stainless steel paint tank

Tank capacity: 20 L

Material: stainless steel 304

Inlet & Outlet size: 1/4″

Equipped with safety valve to ensure the tank is always under the safe pressure.

Include with 2 easily carrying handle

Stainless steel tank could be used for both oil based and also water based paint / coating, and also even the chemical / food / drinking / beer etc storage purpose.

The tank could be made in other capacity like 40L or 60L.

low pressure paint tank

Stainless steel low pressure paint pot


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  1. aaron goodnow
    2016/03/06 at 17:49:25

    looking for this pressure tank for my chroming system 804-874-****

  2. yoon duck ho
    2016/02/05 at 18:54:52

    i want to see internal ficture at dp-t20ss
    and how much maximun opration pressure
    i go to korea coast guard aviation

  3. jevon
    2015/09/08 at 12:48:22

    what is the price of DP-T20SS Stainless Steel Paint Tank 20 Liter i would like to purchase three

  4. Haren pandya
    2015/03/12 at 22:07:37

    Wanted 20 litres painting tank call on +91 932133****

  5. Jon
    2015/01/03 at 20:22:25

    I need a pressurized tank for spraying water. Do you have such a product?

  6. Mario David
    2014/05/15 at 22:17:36

    How much do they coast?

  7. Dan *****
    2013/12/20 at 17:44:24

    Please quote 200 of 20 liter tank stainless.we are OEM of cleaning equipment in USA also 40 liter

  8. Renato Cassula
    2013/05/15 at 00:11:47

    What is the price of your tank of 20 liters? Do you send CIF to Brazil?> Port of Santos or Air to the airport of Campinas “Airport code ‘CPQ'”

    Please, let me know you conditions,


    Renato Cassula