DP-M207A DP-M208A/B DP-M209B Electric Paint Mixer

  • Machine Power: 1200W/1400W
DP-M207A M208A Electric Paint Mixer

DP-M207A M208A Electric Paint Mixer Single Speed 1200W 1400W

double speed electric paint mixer

DP-M208B Electric Paint Mixer Double Speed 1400W

DP-M209B electric agitator 2-speed 1600W

DP-M209B electric agitator Double Speed 1600W

Technical Data for the Electric Paint Mixers:

Model No. Voltage Frequency Power Tap Position Rotation Speed
DP-M207A 110-127V/220-240V 50Hz/60Hz 1200W 1 350-700rpm
DP-M208A 110-127V/220-240V 50Hz/60Hz 1400W 1 350-700rpm
DP-M208B 110-127V/220-240V 50Hz/60Hz 1400W 2 (Double Speed) 220-450rpm 350-700rpm
DP-M209B 110-127V/220-240V 50Hz/60Hz 1600W 2 (Double Speed) 220-450rpm 350-700rpm


Mixing Capacity Mixer Head Dia. Mixing Paddle Length Thread Dia. Cable Length N.W. Carton Size(4pcs)
45litres 120mm 590mm M14 2.5m 4.7KGS 42*68*42cm
65litres 120mm 590mm M14 2.5m 4.8KGS 42*68*42cm
65litres 120mm 590mm M14 2.5m 5.1KGS 42*68*42cm
85litres 140mm 590mm M14 2.5m 5.1KGS 42*68*42cm

Features of the Electric PAINT MIXERS:

1.Number of gears: 2
2.Number of speed: 6 position Protection class II
3.Thread dimension: M14
4.Mixing paddle diameter: 120mm or 140mm
5.Dual speed and change gear selector setch smoothly.
6.Removing mixer easily.
7.Electronic soft start function.
8.CE/ GS certifcate, FFU VERY GOOD.
9. The paint mixers are packed with carton or color box, loading qty for 1*20ft container 1200pcs

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