DP-PFP20 Plural-Components sprayer

  • Model Number: DP-PFP20
  • Flow rate: 18L/min
  • Max.pressure: 271Kgf/cm2
  • Warranty: one year warranty for main components
  • Air pressure: 3-7Kgf/cm2
  • Mixing ratio: 2:1-6:1



PFP Plural-Components sprayer

Application of Passive fire protection(PFP) Intumescent epoxy resin with Composite fibre reinforcement mesh using PFP Solvent free application equipment.

PFP coatings make structures more resistant to fire by insulating structural steel from high temperatures and as a result, buy time for the evacuation before structural collapse.


Technical data:


Model No: DP-PFP20

Pressure ratio: 53:1

Max. delivery: 18L/min

Operating air pressure: 3-7Kgf/cm2

Max. discharge pressure: 271Kgf/cm2

Mixing ratio adjust range: 2:1-6:1

Noise: 70-80Db