DP-6820IV Inlet Valve Stainless steel / Tungsten carbide

DP6820IV suction inlet valve

inlet valve for DP-6820 diaphragm pump




1. Material: stainless steel + tungsten carbide

2. Excellent quality, long lifetime and good price.

Language in: French Russian Portuguese (Brazil)


  1. david
    2017/03/28 at 15:06:42

    Hi, can you sell for me inlet valve for DP-6820 diaphragm pump, I need just 5 quantity, and sent it to lithuania. Thank’s

  2. david heness
    2015/03/11 at 08:49:19

    hello i was after a suction valve airless sprayer pump made in italy don,t know if yours will fit.brand is spraychief classic 5000 .i cannot seem to be able to get in contact with you.