DP-637FT Airless filter for pump manifold

DP637FT manifold filter(graco/larius)

manifold filter for airless paint sprayers




Size: 27mm diameter, 72mm height

Filter Fit Graco / Larius etc.

DP-637FT30  30 mesh

DP-637FT60  60 mesh

DP-637FT100  100 mesh

DP-637FT150  150 mesh

DP-637FT200  200mesh

Similar to  short filter  #236495/236496/236497/236498

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1 comment

  1. Mr.Irwan
    2016/01/29 at 00:48:28

    I want to know this filter have housing or casing to hold this filter?
    This filter can filter 2k paint or not?