X-450 Upgraded Airless Spray Gun with Light Weight and Soft Grip

X-450 Airless Spray Gun

X-450 High Quality Airless Spray Gun

X-450 airless spray gun is upgraded model with high quality, very light weight (only 460g), and very soft grip airless spray gun, for spraying both water-based and oil-based coatings.

Features/Advantages of X450 airless spray gun 

1.Applicable for spraying both water-based and oil-based coatings.

High quality solvent-resistance sealing ensures that it can spray almost all kinds of common coatings.

2.Max.working pressure 250bar(3625psi).

Gun body is forged with fine aluminum alloy and other components are die casted, reaching high pressure-resistance level.

3.Outer Dimension: 21*14*4cm

Overall dimension is smaller than most common airless spray guns in the market, but with enough space for holding the gun comfortably, suitable for men or women doing the spraying jobs using hand or wearing gloves.

4.Net Weight: 460g only(without installing tip and tip guard)

Light weight and handy, no much fatigue after long-time spraying.

5.Hand force to open the trigger, 15N only.

Feel light and handy to open the trigger, easy and comfortable, soft trigger operation, all make the spraying job comfortable and no fatigue.

6.Trigger is with safety pin, preventing for starting the gun by mistake.

7.Safety pin could also be used for switch for keeping the gun spraying continuously for long time without pushing the trigger with hand.

8.Swivel free hose connector for easier rotating to any direction.

9.Unique designed needle with long lifetime, and easy changing.

10.Built-in-handle spray gun filter in different mesh

11.The spring doesn’t touch any fluid, prolong its lifetime

12.Patent-pending internal structure

13.Unique designed spray tip & tip guard & tip saddle, easy operating, easy changing, more safety to the user.(both 11.1mm & 11.4mm tip shank available, compatible with T/W/G brand)

14.Double blister package

Specifications of X450 airless spray gun:

Net Weight: 460g(without tip/tip guard)

Max. Pressure: 250bar / 3625psi

Inlet connector: 1/4″NPSM, 1/4″PT, M16*1.5

Output connector: 11/16″, 7/8″

4-finger trigger

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