IRAN client want to get DP6336ib for putty spraying


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  A. Schneider Thu, 11/26/15 04:32:27 pm UTC

Welcome back!
which item are you interesting? and what's your email address?
we can send more details to you by email.

  Client 04:32:28 pm

thank you for your attention

i like the dp 6336

  A. Schneider 04:32:46 pm


please send me your email, and our seller make contact you tomorrow

  Client 04:33:53 pm

i sent before but didnt get answer

can i have your moment ?

  A. Schneider 04:34:44 pm

yes, no problem, but price only with our tecnical seller

  Client 04:34:57 pm


does dp 6336 spray putty on drywall

  A. Schneider 04:35:50 pm

yes, very good

  Client 04:36:32 pm

is there any video avalible?

my email is : ********

  A. Schneider 04:37:37 pm

are you a distributor?

  Client 04:39:41 pm

no sir

i am from iran do you have any agent in iran?

  A. Schneider 04:42:17 pm

I will ask to send an email to you

  Client 04:42:45 pm

thank you

  A. Schneider 04:43:05 pm


  Client 04:44:44 pm

do you know the viscosity ability of dp 6336 mr Schneider

and for last question how can i have the price list and price of dp drywall sander and vacuum

Is there any agent or distributor in my country you could introduce becouse i did not find

  A. Schneider 04:48:01 pm

viscosity approximately 180s

Our distributor will make contact with you for more details.

  Client 04:50:11 pm

this is dp official video can you tell me the viscosity of the putty please to undrstand

  A. Schneider 04:52:39 pm

ok, thanks

  Client 04:54:16 pm

thank you , i am waiting to hearing you tell me the viscosity of the video

  A. Schneider 04:54:24 pm



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