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  Lily Mon, 11/16/15 02:40:15 pm Asia/Shanghai

Welcome back!
which item are you interesting? and what's your email address?
we can send more details to you by email.

  Client 02:40:16 pm

Dp-6490, Dp-6495, Dp-7900  Please send me price for those machines. Also shipping details. My email is ******     I am in South Carolina, USA if you can kindly give me shipping prices also.

  Lily 02:40:55 pm


How are you?

  Client 02:41:20 pm

Good thanks.

  Lily 02:41:27 pm

So for own usage or for reselling?

  Client 02:42:57 pm

We own a small retail business and are interested in selling you machines but I don't think we can order 30 at one time.

  Lily 02:43:48 pm

Actually these models are Graco type, so maybe not so workable to sell in U.S.A.

But we have other models that have our own DP design and also stable performance.

I will send more details to you via email.

So what's your name?

  Client 02:45:49 pm

I believe our customers would be more interested with the graco type machines. Grace is a trusted name in this country but VERY expensive.

  Lily 02:45:55 pm

If you can sell Graco copy machines with no patent problems in U.S., no problems for us:)

  Client 02:46:47 pm

Ok I see so you have no patent. You simply copy them?

  Lily 02:47:14 pm

For these models, the outer shape is almost the same.

Sure we also did some improvements basing on original Graco machines.

  Client 02:49:37 pm

What is the price for the machines I mentioned?

Also, what improvements did you do on the graco machines? If they are not an exact copy, it may be easier to retail them here.

  Lily 02:52:54 pm

The specifications may not be exactly the same as Graco machines, say bigger power and flow rate.

Anyway, i will send the Catalogue to you via email later.

  Client 02:55:05 pm

Ok. Please send it soon. We are looking to order machines and I will check into legals in U.S.A

  Lily 02:55:37 pm


  Client 02:56:30 pm

Is the Dp-6335 a graco type?

  Lily 02:56:47 pm


We have newly developed Xpro series, which is with our original DP design, i will send the Catalogues to you via email soon.

  Client 02:58:56 pm

Sounds good. How do you ship the machines?

  Lily 02:59:23 pm

normally via sea shipment, which is more cost-saving.

  Client 03:00:07 pm

Ok. Do you have distributors in this country?

  Lily 03:01:03 pm

No official DP Distributors in U.S. yet

  Client 03:02:50 pm

Ok. I do see some designs that may actually work well here. Would your company consider an order of 8 to 10 machines instead of 30 so I can try the market here?

  Lily 03:03:26 pm

Yes, at the beginning, we can do trial orders for your testing and marketing purpose.

  Client 03:03:55 pm

We also REPAIR and maintain paint sprayers.

That would be great. This country is VERY superficial and people purchase based on looks alone. But we can market your product as a better machine and much lower price than Graco/Titan. I do believe our customers would purchase them.

  Lily 03:06:52 pm


I will send details to you soon.

  Client 03:07:42 pm

May I have your contact information to resume speaking later?

  Lily 03:08:43 pm


skype: dino_jackguo


  Client 03:10:25 pm

Email? Skype and phone is very expensive in this country.

  Lily 03:11:03 pm

I will send details to you via this email address soon.

  Client 03:14:13 pm

Ok I will write that all down. Your name? I am Mrs. Hope 

  Lily 03:15:39 pm

my name is Jack Guo

Nice to talk with you, Mrs. Hope  🙂

  Client 03:17:06 pm

Ok thank you for your time. Please send me a list soon and we will continuing speaking. It is the middle of the night here, but you have a good day.

  Lily 03:17:19 pm

Good Night 🙂

piston puump, brushless

DP-6695 airless piston pump


8.3L/min heavy-duty airless spray machine 


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