inquiry from Mongolia for construction wall painting, DP-6335i electric piston pump


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  Lily Mon, 05/04/15 04:49:45 am UTC

Hello, this is Lily. Can I help you?

  Client 04:49:47 am


yes. i have a question

are you there Lily?

  Lily 04:58:17 am


  Client 04:58:52 am

is it possible to your price?

to see your prices

  Lily 04:59:21 am

what's your company name? web site and email address?

  Client 04:59:44 am

****** Construction LLC

we work in Mongolia since 1993

  Lily 05:01:26 am

ok. are you contractor? or distributor?

  Client 05:01:56 am

we would like to be your products distributoe


  Lily 05:02:18 am

ok. which kind of equipments are you distributing now?

  Client 05:04:05 am********-LLC/297944957081036?fref=ts

at the moment, we are constructing company with many property in our capital city Ulaanbaatar: 2 universities, 4 hotels, fitness centers

  Lily 05:06:17 am

then how are you going to distribute our equipments?

you don't have sales team and after-sales service team

  Client 05:08:49 am

right now our directors are investing into this new sector for us. I am foreign trade manager, Viktor Konstantin. I am sure we would have no problem on arranging this

Should i wait for a moment?

  Lily 05:14:17 am

I see.

so you're going to sell our equipments to the contractors or constructiong companies in your market, right?

  Client 05:15:27 am


  Lily 05:16:55 am

do you know which types are popular in your market?

  Client 05:17:37 am

cheap and easy to use

we are thinking of electric in particular, but we will also buy a few gasoline compressors

  Lily 05:21:52 am


mainly for wall latex?

  Client 05:23:00 am


we would like to have price and size of boxes to evaluate commodities for 1 container

  Lily 05:26:14 am

ok. please tell us your full company address, phone number, email box

  Client 05:27:25 am

for email: ******

full company address and phone number you can visit web http://www.******.mn/

but we think of doing logistics ourselves

we will discuss all the detail like your bank account, location of factory etc latter. at the moment, we would like to have your price list

is there any problem?

  Lily 06:50:27 am


what's your telephone number?

  Client 06:55:22 am

976-country code


  Lily 06:58:05 am


  Client 07:08:00 am

when can i get more details on your products?

  Lily 07:08:15 am


  Client 07:49:03 am

i have received your email, thank you

  Lily 07:50:08 am

you're welcome

do you have any question?

  Client 07:54:44 am

yes, could i buy 1 machine now?

for testing

  Lily 07:55:14 am


  Client 07:56:07 am

could you tell me how your company would like to do it

  Lily 07:57:08 am

please tell us which model you want to test

  Client 07:58:21 am

DP-6335i Electric Airless Putty Sprayer

i think today banks will be closed soon

  Lily 07:59:26 am


you take this item for testing firstly, right>?

  Client 08:00:19 am


  Lily 08:00:37 am

no problem.

  Client 08:00:40 am

can you give me your phone number

  Lily 08:00:48 am


we'll prepare your goods as soon as we got your money

  Client 08:01:48 am

what province and city can i get this sprayer from?

  Lily 08:01:52 am

Ningbo, Zhejiang province

  Client 08:03:02 am

ok. thank you very much Lily. i will contact our logistics company and we will discuss all other detail tomorrow

have a good day

  Lily 08:03:34 am


DP-6335i Heavy Duty Airless Spray System for putty spraying

DP-6335i Heavy Duty Electric Airless Sprayer 


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