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  Lily Thu, 04/02/15 09:43:57 am UTC

Hello, this is Lily. Can I help you?

  Client 09:44:00 am

hello how much this  DP-6740i

  Lily 09:46:16 am


are you distributor or end user?

the price will be different based on order quantity

  Client 09:52:57 am

we are entrepreneurs, and end users. We need to begin with only one machine, and later 4-5 pieces more.

  Lily 09:53:46 am

we have dealer in Finland

would you mind to buy one machine from our dealer directly>?

  Client 09:55:40 am

Onko mahdollista alkaa jälleen myyjäksi myös suomessa? Mielelläni haluaisin tilata teiltä suoraan.

Is it possible to start to become a dealer in Finland? I'd love to, I would like to order from you directly.

  Lily 09:57:08 am

our minimum order quantity is 20 machine per shipment

can you accept it?

  Client 09:58:08 am

How much is the section where the space they are 20 pieces

  Lily 09:58:34 am

please tell us your company name, and email address

we'll send the detailed quotation to you by email

do you know how to use / how to maintain / how to repair the machine?

  Client 10:03:16 am

we haven't resale companies.
Can you send the offer E-mail ******

  Lily 10:03:35 am

so you don't have a company yet?

  Client 10:04:47 am

not yet, if  offer
we thought about the matter.

  Lily 10:05:14 am

I see

do you know how to use / how to maintain / how to repair the machine?

  Client 10:05:41 am

jes i know

  Lily 10:06:43 am

ok. good.  which brand did you use it before?

  Client 10:08:22 am

A wide range of products. Are your products good quality?

  Lily 10:09:02 am

yes, we offer 2 years warranty for our professional piston pump sprayers, like DP6321i / 6325i / 6331i / 6335i

  Client 10:10:12 am

okay. I have to go. could you put offer as soon as we return to the matter.

  Lily 10:10:23 am



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