DP-6335i professional electric piston pump

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Lily Thu, 12/03/15 06:49:05 am UTC
Hi, which item are you interesting? and what's your email address? we can send more details to you by email.
Client 06:49:05 am
Lily 06:49:17 am
Client 06:49:24 am
I am interested in DP 5565
Lily 06:50:09 am
Hi, our DP-6555 is not ready, how about change to other items?

what coatings you are going to spray?


DP-6335i Heavy Duty Airless Spray System for putty spraying

DP-6335i Heavy Duty Electric Airless Sprayer 

Client 06:50:40 am
do you have DP-6555 ?
Lily 06:50:49 am
DP-6555 is not ready

which country are you from?

Client 06:51:29 am
I am from Chelyabinsk/Russia
Lily 06:51:49 am

how about DP-6335i?

Client 06:52:04 am
Lily 06:52:06 am
it's similar to Graco Mark V
Client 06:52:27 am
zip postal code for Chelyabinsk is 454038

ok, you adviced me what I want

can you tell me the price?

Lily 06:53:31 am
are you a distributor or contractor?

how many sets do you need?

Client 06:55:39 am
I am engaged in importing construction materials from EUROPE, like decorative paints (VALPAINT), sanitary were (GSG ceramic design), as well as I cooperate with one famous chinese company EAGO

now I need one set of this article, after I am considering in importing such types of products too

Lily 06:58:01 am
Thanks for your information, may i have your company name? do you have website?
Client 07:00:51 am
My name is Manuk Hambardzumyan, ****** LLC,  I represent the interests of more than 10 leading europian companies in this city like trading agent, and organize direct sales from factory to salon-showrooms

and what about web-sites I can give you the companies web-site which I represent, or my customers one

Now I have an order whit 17.000 sqm paints covering

I need this article for my customer

Lily 07:03:20 am
so you are importing products for some customers in your market according to your custoemrs' requirements
Client 07:04:24 am
yes,,,, now it easy and more cheap to import goods to Russia from China than Europe
Lily 07:04:58 am

may i have your e-mail address?

if you need just one sets, we

Client 07:05:44 am
Lily 07:05:55 am
we'd like to recommend you purchase from our distributor in Russia directly
Client 07:05:57 am
mob. viber +******
Lily 07:06:04 am
Client 07:06:13 am
skype: ******

Please be kindly informed, I do my business not only in Chelyabinsk, also in Krasnodar region/Russia, Vien/Austria

just I am now in city Chelyabinsk, since I had presentation in ****** Vidgov (******.ru/) for my customers designers and architects

Lily 07:11:45 am
did you purchase airless sprayers before?

if you just need one first, it's better to purchase from our distributor in Russia.

Client 07:13:31 am
My customer granted me order for 17.000 sqm, and asked me to help him with this

very soon I will load container from China from EAGO's stock

so if I have the price and we agree to have one shipment, maybe we can cooperate, I will have other orders in the future

Lily 07:19:24 am
if just need one for this customer and this projects, it's really sorry about it, we don't sell to end users directly, and the price from us for just one is expensive also, thanks for your great understanding.
Client 07:21:11 am
can you give me your russian distributor contacts?
Lily 07:21:30 am
we will ask him to contact you soon
Client 07:21:43 am
ok, thanks

can you also send me the price-list EXW , as well as the sales conditions, since I can suggest your products, and organize direct sales with huge quantities, since it is crisis in Russia now, and many companies started working in such ways

Lily 07:26:05 am

welcome to download our latest catalogue from our website

regarding price, we will offer you according to your specific inquiry in future

Client 07:31:26 am
thank you Lily, I have already downloaded the catalogue

may I have your contacts, if I have questions or requiry for good order

or you can send me an e-mail with your details

Lily 07:34:28 am
Client 07:47:43 am
ok, thank you for information, I have just send you an e-mail with my contacts, so I am waiting for your russian distributer to contact me
Lily 07:47:58 am
many thanks

got your e-mail already

Client 07:51:48 am
fine, thanks once again, wish you nice day, hoping I will contact you soon with good news
Lily 07:52:24 am
have a nice day


Client 07:53:26 am

dino-power.ru/, I have just talked to Vladimir from Moscow, are they your distributor?

Lily 08:05:34 am
Client 08:06:24 am
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