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  Lily Sat, 04/04/15 01:17:21 am UTC

Hello ******. How may I help you?

  suheudo 01:17:34 am


  Lily 01:17:47 am


  suheudo 01:18:14 am

hi your company go fair cantao next week

  Lily 01:18:58 am

We don't go to this session , but next session

  suheudo 01:19:08 am


  Lily 01:19:24 am

Welcome to visit us in ningbo

  suheudo 01:19:35 am

I going to this fair and look  for doing bussisnes

where your location is close by the fair cantao?

  Lily 01:20:22 am

We are near to Shanghai

  suheudo 01:21:00 am

how far… from cantao

  Lily 01:21:14 am

2hours by air

  suheudo 01:21:31 am

ok not to far

do you have price list

  Lily 01:21:52 am

Sorry we don't

  suheudo 01:22:00 am


now i look for, tips e guard spray guns

  Lily 01:22:21 am

What's your company name? Where are you from?

  suheudo 01:22:34 am

****** ltda in Brasil

  Lily 01:23:04 am

Ok, we have lots of customers in brasil

It's a good market growing very fast

We can offer you very competitive price with good quality

  suheudo 01:24:40 am

if  I buy 50 pieces of spray guns  (like LX 80  model for titan ) how much cost

  Lily 01:25:13 am

About usd***

We offer discount price if you buy more than 200 or 500

Are you distributor?

  suheudo 01:26:21 am

ok this my fist time doing busisness in chinna I like  go slow

  Lily 01:26:28 am

I see

No problem

  suheudo 01:27:04 am

but alread  i have 50  pieces alredy sold

(distributor start a small)

  Lily 01:27:47 am

50 pcs from china?

  suheudo 01:28:22 am

not  i sold spry guns over here in brasil

  Lily 01:28:48 am

I mean the guns from Titan or from china?

  suheudo 01:28:56 am

i going to start import from china

i going start  import from china

american  lot $$$

but i look  modelo like titan and graco

  Lily 01:30:20 am


  suheudo 01:31:04 am

i see your spry guns to me li  titan modelo lx 80 ?


/how long it takes to deliver  to your city to cantao

if i buy 50 spray guns, tips, repair kits etc

you  like to talk by emeil? my emeil  is ******


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01:36:28 am
  Lily 01:39:49 am

We have stock

If you pay money to us today, we can send the guns to you in 3 days

  suheudo 01:40:41 am



I will be the  in china on aplil 13 in hong kong for 2 days for fair eletronics

and 16,17,18, last dat day on 19 in china cantao

if i  buy from you in april 17 can you deliver to me on hotel in cantao before april 19?

  Lily 01:45:18 am

No problem, but it's better you pay money 1 week before, we prepare your order and also from ningbo to canton by post need 2 days also

  suheudo 01:45:36 am


how l can make this payment?  better for me to pay there in china

via deposit in your bank etc

also do you know any distribuitor over here in brasil or seler your productos

  Lily 01:49:16 am

you can pay money through paypal, or western union, or Bank TT

  suheudo 01:49:24 am


doing this if you can send to me your prices for spryguns, repair kit for the guns, tips, nozzels guard etc

  Lily 01:51:13 am

ok. what's your email address? ****** ?

  suheudo 01:51:24 am

you sell repair kits from model graco e titan?


  Lily 01:51:31 am


  suheudo 01:51:39 am


  Lily 01:51:40 am

we have graco repair kit / titan repair kit also

do you have a web site for our reference?

  suheudo 01:51:51 am

please send to model and preices


from this tripp i take small parts and better now you company after this  a going large busisnnes

not i not have website now

  Lily 01:53:26 am


  suheudo 01:53:42 am

iam working this now web sit etc

  Lily 01:53:51 am


which city are you located?

  suheudo 01:54:03 am

goiania go brasil

  Lily 01:54:08 am


  suheudo 01:54:14 am

city goiania

  Lily 01:54:20 am

so  you're selling graco pumps / titan pumps now?

  suheudo 01:55:01 am

yes and doing maintenance

and  i have small company construcion over here and lot networking

this my emeil  ******

  Lily 01:58:30 am


we'll send the detailed price to you by email.

today is holiday, sorry

  suheudo 01:59:36 am

ok not poblem

but if you send to as asap to me is bether the way i make my better for me to pay there in china maintenance has no problem decisions

your invoices came in mandarin or ingles?

  Lily 02:05:35 am


you will pay us RMB or USD?

  suheudo 02:05:48 am

ok good


  Lily 02:06:15 am

you can't pay USD in China, so you need to pay in Brasil before you leave

  suheudo 02:07:02 am

the US$ here in brasil is to high

good for me pay in china

because of variation the us$

to brasilian money

lets do this fist you send  i emeil   price list if possible same pictures

my time is short

travel etc

good if  you guys meet in cantao but nest time

meet me in cantao


  Lily 02:11:16 am


  suheudo 02:11:37 am

let me make easy for you

i need from now

spray guns, tips, nozzels, tip guard, repair kits to graco modelo 390, 395… repair kits to titan modelo 1140 series and piston

and repair kit to spry guns

  Lily 02:14:36 am


  suheudo 02:17:28 am

ok thanks for your help I hope to do great  business in the future

pleasure to talking to you..

  Lily 02:25:04 am

me too


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