DP-500 electrostatic Powder Coating System

built-in high voltage static electricity

built-in high voltage static electricity

Manual electrostatic powder coating equipment

Mains input voltage :100-240 VAC
Operating frequency 50-60 Hz
Input power 50W
Nominal output voltage (to the gun) max. 12 V
Nominal output current (to the gun) max. 1 A
Ambient temperature range 0°C – +40°C (+32°F – +104°F)
Max. operating temperature 85°C (+185°F)
Approvals CE



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  1. Murad ata
    2016/12/20 at 07:49:03

    Attn: sales department

    Kindly send me your best price for the shown item.

    Also we need to build one room for powder coating painting for Steel.

    Can you supply for us full equipment for that.

    Best regards