The cleaning procedure of electric high pressure airless paint sprayers

WARNING: Due to airless paint sprayer is high pressure device, please follow all safety warnings located on the sprayer and in the owners’ manual.

Step 1: Engage trigger safety lock on gun.

Step 2: Turn OFF pump and release fluid pressure by turning the pressure relief prime valve to prime position.

Step 3: Remove the tip and immerse it in the container of solvents / water. Adjust fluid pressure to lowest setting.

Step 4: Turn the pump on. Lift suction tube above material container allowing the sprayer to pump itself dry through the return tube.

Step 5: Prepare a metal barrel which filled with clean water / solvent. Don’t use industrial alcohol to clean the equipment, because the seals inside will be gelled if using industrial alcohol.
Step 6: Place suction tube into container with clean water or solvents. Let circulate for 2-3 minutes, then turn unit OFF.

Step 7: To save the balance material in spray hose, turn prime valve up to spray position, then trigger gun and point it to the side of the material barrel, be careful of splashing. When cleaning solution appears shut off gun and place gun separate metal container.
Step 8: Trigger gun and let cleaning solution circulate for about 2-3 minutes, then turn unit off.

Step 9: Take suction tube out of the water / solvent container, turn prim / spray valve to prime position, turn unit on and allow sprayer to pump dry.

Step 10: Prepare a clean container of water or solvent and using low pressure pump through system until clean. If cleaning with water, put a small amount of mineral spirits solution through pump. This will protect against corrosion inside of the equipment.

Step 11: Take suction tube out of container, clean the suction filter, and let sprayer run itself dry.

Step I2: Check filter on pump and gun, clean or replace if clogged or worn.

Step 13: Remove spray tip from solvent / water, clean with a soft brush and store in a dry place.

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