The Benefits of a Paint Sprayer

Comparing with traditional painting methods, the paint sprayers have many benefits. While intricate paint jobs still require the use of a brush, yet many painting projects can be done more quickly and efficiently using a paint sprayer.

1. Less time
Paint sprayers can paint much quicker and more efficiently than painting with rollers and or brushes. Large areas can be completed in much less time than it would take painting by hand.

2. Lower cost
Paint sprayers use and waste much less paint verses hand painting, which in turn saves money. Spray guns also waste less paint as there is no paint left over in the brushes or rollers.

3. Better finishing
Some paint applications, such a kitchen cabinets, require a mirror like finish with no visible brush strokes. Paint sprayers use a fine mist to apply the paint, which makes it a good choice for those type of painting jobs. Using a paint sprayer also enables paint to penetrate cracks and crevices more efficiently than a brush.

Also, according to different applications, you could choose different type of pneumatic paint sprayers. From small do it yourself models to large commercial units, there is a paint sprayer that will fit your jobs.