plural 2-component airless sprayer


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Name: darlington agbiogwu

E-mail: ******

  Lily Sun, 05/03/15 03:03:28 pm UTC

Hello darlington agbiogwu. How may I help you?

  darlington agbiogwu 03:03:51 pm

Good day

  Lily 03:04:28 pm


  darlington agbiogwu 03:04:47 pm

Looking plural 2-component airless sprayer

  Lily 03:05:00 pm


what material do you spray?

and what's your requirement for the equipment?

  darlington agbiogwu 03:05:57 pm

Epoxy, polyurea and pu base coats

  Lily 03:06:07 pm



  darlington agbiogwu 03:06:47 pm

1:1 to 1:5

  Lily 03:06:55 pm


  darlington agbiogwu 03:07:03 pm



  Lily 03:09:20 pm

ok. what's your required spraying pressure?

  darlington agbiogwu 03:10:13 pm

Don't really know

What do you have?

  Lily 03:11:02 pm

we have hydraulic driven pump from 1:1 to 1:3

do you  need heater?

  darlington agbiogwu 03:11:33 pm


  Lily 03:14:07 pm

so you want to take pneumatic driven airless pump?

  darlington agbiogwu 03:14:34 pm


What other options do you have?

  Lily 03:15:49 pm

you want electrical?

  darlington agbiogwu 03:16:44 pm

Ok good! Single phase or 3-phase?

  Lily 03:17:18 pm

which do you want?

  darlington agbiogwu 03:17:44 pm

Single phase

  Lily 03:19:50 pm

ok. I will talk to our engineer tomorrow

how many units do you want to buy?

  darlington agbiogwu 03:21:24 pm

One unit for now if good then we come more

I am an applicator

Do you also have cheap portable airless paint sprayer for line marking


  Lily 03:25:50 pm

yes, DP6800 diaphragm pump for cold paint

  darlington agbiogwu 03:26:45 pm


How much cost?

  Lily 03:29:03 pm

about USD***

  darlington agbiogwu 03:30:17 pm

Ok…is that your lowest price?

  Lily 03:31:06 pm

the price is based on order quantity

if you order more, we can offer discount price

  darlington agbiogwu 03:31:21 pm


What about the 2-component plural airless sprayer, how much the various types?


  Lily 03:42:16 pm

we'll confirm to you by email tomorrow. ok?




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