inquiry from Brasil to ask professional painting machine, DP-6335i professional piston pump


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  Lily Mon, 06/15/15 12:51:12 am UTC

Hello, this is Lily. Can I help you?

  Client 12:51:14 am

Good evening my name is Nishimoto, I'm from Brazil

  Lily 12:51:23 am

Hi Nishimotor

good evening

are you looking for paint tank? airless sprayers?

  Client 12:52:17 am

I'm using googlr translator, I do not speak English

  Lily 12:52:30 am

it's fine

  Client 12:54:11 am

eviously already imported some machines of your company, by my company which has already closed,  ****** ltda.

what's your name?

  Lily 12:54:47 am

so now do you want to open again?

this is LIly


poderia dizer-me que contatou com você antes?

quais os itens que você comprou?
há algum problema?

  Client 12:57:34 am

I am researching, I later pensansado in start importing. time ago through my former socio Luiz Adriano were wondering in representing your company in Btasil but not worked

I do not know with whom we spoke before, for who traded was my former socio Adriano Luis

  Lily 12:58:58 am

ok, may i have your e-mail address?

  Client 12:59:37 am


dp3830, dp-6820,

  Lily 01:01:05 am

thanks, we will check later

  Client 01:01:08 am

has more'm looking for on the site

  Lily 01:01:26 am

are you interested in electric piston pumps?

  Client 01:01:43 am


  Lily 01:02:00 am

putty plaster sprayer

  Client 01:03:11 am

I would like to indicate me the best for professional painting

  Lily 01:03:17 am

our DP-63series professional painting machines are good

new for you, but we have sold many already, positive response from our distributors

  Client 01:04:08 am

the to send also by e-mail to me can study?

  Lily 01:04:17 am


send e-mail to you later with details

  Client 01:05:33 am

Qual e O melhor Pará printura Profissional?


  Lily 01:07:21 am

DP-6335i é boa máquina profissional em alta pintura materiais de viscosidade, como massa de vidraceiro, máquina à prova de fogo, epóxi etc. É semelhante a Graco Mark V.

DP-6830 é bomba de diafragma elétrico alimentado. DP-6335i é bomba de pistão elétrico alimentado.

  Client 01:08:01 am


  Lily 01:08:48 am

DP-6331i , DP6335i

what kinds of coatings your customers sprayed most?

  Client 01:09:26 am


  Lily 01:09:57 am

if you need machine for heavy putty, our DP-N1 is good

  Client 01:11:24 am



  Lily 01:13:02 am

if there are questions for our products, please feel free to contact us.


  Client 01:14:26 am

I have some projects to import more machines but we are studying

  Lily 01:15:59 am

if you need any information of our products, let us know.

we have any items.


  Client 01:17:06 am

I am trying to locate these 02 machines you spoke

  Lily 01:17:21 am

DP-6331i and DP-6335i?

  Client 01:17:54 am

not find on the site

  Lily 01:18:10 am

  Client 01:19:14 am

It looks like the graco

  Lily 01:20:19 am

they are Wagner type machine, DP-6335i is similar to Graco Mark V, low position suction system designe, powerful for high viscosity coatings painting

  Client 01:23:35 am

that good, please send me email the best to paint building, homes, businesses only ones work best and for the best of the sequence number to know. also that to mark roads, streets

  Lily 01:24:02 am


so now do you want to selling this kinds of machine again? or just for this project?

  Client 01:26:17 am

have partners (professional painters) who want me to import machinery, as conheco your impresa and know I have assistance, I am thinking of re-import. For this we need good partners in Brazil and China.

  Lily 01:27:15 am

that's great

we will be your good partner in China



  Client 01:27:52 am

My painter also is designed texture

  Lily 01:28:23 am

they are for texture

  Client 01:30:06 am

before we had even intention to represent your company in Brazil, not worked because my partner talk much and did little. Today it no longer we are together, I took much prejudice

which the price of these 02 machines


  Lily 01:33:54 am

send e-mail to you with details and price later, is that fine?

and how many sets you may need?

  Client 01:34:26 am


that you have enough information about painting, has some novelty in painting I can test here in Brazil?

  Lily 01:36:53 am

we have client in Brasil, if you need one to test, we will ask them to contact you later.

  Client 01:39:09 am

thank you, after the fall due to socio, I am gradually structuring to go back to projects

I would like to bring news in this area paint to Brazil, has some indication. For in relation to machines already have your contact, already tested and liked it.

  Lily 01:42:22 am

fine, our machines are good.

  Client 01:43:45 am

you guys do not work with brushes, rollers etc?You have any indication?

  Lily 01:45:42 am

brushes we don't have, rollers we have one, but due to rollers are not our main products, so minimum order quantity is 100pcs/order

  Client 01:46:17 am

diaphragm or piston which and better

  Lily 01:47:45 am

both good, but if you need professional equipment, we'd like to recommend our DP-6335i/6331i to you.

you never use piston before?

  Client 01:49:05 am

then send me the price in US dollars by email

  Lily 01:49:57 am



  Client 01:50:42 am


  Lily 01:51:07 am

so DP-6335i, DP-6331i electric piston pump and DP-TX150 and DP-7900 texture sprayer?

four items?

  Client 01:51:56 am

I think in importing machines and also brushes, rollers and other case has

All for professional painting, please number in order of best

  Lily 01:53:05 am

ok, no problem

  Client 01:55:46 am

I'm sure that later will import your machines, but also need other hand materials such as roll, ribbons, brushes and other little things if you have to facilitate the painting. you can direct me to a website for those products that you guys do not work? but want good product.

this machine to paint lines and good if it is good, send me the price ok

  Lily 01:58:48 am

road line marking machine?

  Client 01:59:39 am

That's right, also serves to demarcation of parking lots

and which one is better?

  Lily 02:02:20 am

  Client 02:05:00 am

I do not think on you tube

  Lily 02:05:22 am


it's hydraulic piston pump for high viscosity coatings painting, support two guns spraying

  Client 02:06:15 am

I wanted to see the video of the DP-LC860 Hydraulic Piston Powered Linemarker


  Lily 02:07:12 am

video for this machine, i need to check whether we have prepared video for it.

if we have this video, we will send to you later

  Client 02:08:24 am

thank you for your kindness

  Lily 02:09:19 am


my pleasure

  Client 02:11:48 am

to learn renewing things, often abroad and outdated, but for us and novelty.I need these ideas to put into practice in Brazil and grow to import more.

  Lily 02:14:40 am

right, if we have any new developed machine, or any improvements, prepared more materials for promotion etc, we will keep you posted.

  Client 02:15:08 am

I admire you guys Chinese who can do everything fast, admire the techniques used to finish the fast service

  Lily 02:17:47 am


Hi Marco, i just confirmed with my colleagues that who is in charge to contact with you, but cannot find it.

so could you please send the PI which we sent to you before? or can you find the e-mail which you sent to?


  Client 02:21:52 am

I will try to see but I have no more contact with my former socio company

  Lily 02:22:28 am

ok, which e-mail address you used before?

  Client 02:24:20 am

I do not know because it was another person who is no longer with me anymore, he called Adriano Luis, it is already 2-3 years ago

I think he spoke by Skype

  Lily 02:26:13 am

ok, it's fine

one of my colleagues will send e-mail to you later

  Client 02:27:39 am

I think that we import by UPS

  Lily 02:28:04 am

DP-6820 and DP-6830 per one set?

just tested our machine?

no formal orders?

  Client 02:30:03 am

Therefore, test and we are using, but it worked well was the DP6830

It came as formal export

  Lily 02:31:47 am

ok, how many sets you purchased before?

  Client 02:31:50 am

at the time I had this company, but I still have customs broker contacts

na Primeira etapa were Mais ou Menos 6 a 7 maquinas. e na Segunda foi 02 dpn1

in the first stage were about 6-7 machines. and the second was 02 dpn1

  Lily 02:34:05 am

oh, got it, thanks

  Client 02:35:06 am

now I need to rest, go to sleep.

  Lily 02:35:24 am

good night

it's too late for you

  Client 02:36:42 am


  Lily 02:37:01 am


  Client 02:37:13 am

Você quis dizer: está certo?
that's right?

  Lily 02:37:21 am


DP-6335i Heavy Duty Airless Spray System for putty spraying

DP-6335i Heavy Duty Electric Airless Sprayer 

putty plaster gypsum drywall mud sprayer machine

sprayer equipment for spraying putty plaster


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