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  Lily Fri, 03/27/15 03:33:36 pm UTC

Hello Dennis Alfonso. How may I help you?

  Dennis Alfonso 03:34:09 pm

Hello Lily, I need the price and availability for this airless putty sprayer


  Lily 03:34:46 pm


are you contractor? or distributor?

  Dennis Alfonso 03:35:07 pm


  Lily 03:35:21 pm

so you need this machine for your own company using, right?

  Dennis Alfonso 03:36:06 pm



  Lily 03:38:24 pm

ok. our DP6880 currently is mainly used with 3 phase electricity

is that available for you?

if you don't have 3phase electricity, we'd like to recommend another item to you

  Dennis Alfonso 03:39:45 pm

I can get three phase but if you have a single phase i would be interested in that as well

Do you have anything that can spray white cement in a 110V power?

  Lily 03:40:49 pm


what material do you spray?

  Dennis Alfonso 03:41:56 pm

thorocoat or Master Seal 581  It is a portland based material that is used as a vapor barrier on new concrete walls

  Lily 03:42:25 pm

it's like putty?

  Dennis Alfonso 03:42:51 pm

not really. It's like stucco

  Lily 03:43:25 pm

ok. does it contains small sand or small particle inside?

  Dennis Alfonso 03:43:32 pm


  Lily 03:43:43 pm

then you couldn't use piston pump yet

you should take N1 screw pump

  Dennis Alfonso 03:44:56 pm

Do you carry this N1 screw pump?

  Lily 03:45:31 pm


  Dennis Alfonso 03:45:57 pm

Where can I find it on your site? Under what window?

  Lily 03:46:57 pm



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