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  Lily Fri, 04/03/15 05:24:40 am UTC

Hello, this is Lily. Can I help you?

  Client 05:33:11 am

dear lily,   this is tushar from India

  Lily 05:33:22 am

Hi Tushar

  Client 07:33:22 am

i am looking for this product

can u quote us..

  Lily 05:33:56 am

electric mixer

how many pcs do you need?

  Client 05:34:13 am


  Lily 05:34:27 am

motor power 1220W or 1400W?

for usage or resell?

  Client 05:35:05 am

quote for both

  Lily 05:35:33 am

ok, for usage or resell?

and how many pcs?

  Client 05:36:06 am

for resell

depend on your price more than 500 pcs

  Lily 05:36:51 am

may i have your company name?

  Client 05:37:04 am

****** paints

our mail id is : ******@gmail.com

  Lily 05:37:30 am


a supplier of paints materials?

http://******.com/, is this your website?

  Client 05:38:34 am

yes we are in this field from past 20 years

  Lily 05:38:42 am


  Client 05:38:52 am

we dont have wedsite.

  Lily 05:39:01 am


are you still interested in painting equipment?

  Client 05:39:55 am

yes we have huge potential for this products…

  Lily 05:40:36 am

what coatings you are selling? we can recommend some suitable airless sprayers to you.

  Client 05:41:53 am

we sell all type of coatings….

  Lily 05:42:26 am

fine, did you purchase airless paint sprayers before? are you familiar with this kinds of equipment?

use, maintain, repair etc.

  Client 05:43:06 am

yes we are familiar

  Lily 05:43:20 am


that's great


DP-63 series electric piston pump are our hot-selling items

stable quality

  Client 05:43:57 am

i am looking for the price mam..

  Lily 05:44:31 am

send e-mail to you later with details

are you selling in store?

  Client 05:45:50 am

yes we are selling mam

thanks ,waiting for your quote

good day…

bye bye

  Lily 05:46:33 am


send to you later

DP-M206 hand-held electric paint mixer


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