DP-LC860 airless line striper hydrualic piston pump type


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  Lily Sat, 04/04/15 01:36:59 am UTC

Hello janusz. How may I help you?

  janusz 01:37:55 am

i was disconnected i am asking for price for lc 860 machine

  Lily 01:39:26 am

Ok, are you distributor or contractor?

  janusz 01:40:07 am

I am contractor

  Lily 01:40:36 am


The cost for one machine is usd******,

  janusz 01:42:23 am

is the cif melboure australia?

  Lily 01:42:34 am

No, fob china

  janusz 01:42:58 am

is this price for two guns?

  Lily 01:43:10 am

If you buy 3 machines, we can do it CIF for you

Yes, 2 guns

  janusz 01:46:05 am

is this machine exactly like on the picture?

  Lily 01:47:09 am


  janusz 01:47:24 am

looks like wagner?

  Lily 01:47:37 am

yes,it's a copy of wagner

  janusz 01:48:04 am


can you check price cif melbourne australia for 3 machines

  Lily 01:50:27 am

yes, if you order 3 machines, The CIF Melbourne price is USD***, we'll bear the freight charge for you. but you need to clear the customs / local LCL cost in your Melbourne port

  janusz 01:56:13 am

ok I will need to check the other costs you have mentioned

up to now we used piston pump and diaphragm what would be the price for dp 3900l?

  Lily 01:59:10 am

LC860 has much better quality

it's hydraulic driven, much more durable

you purchased from us before?

  janusz 02:00:04 am

no we bought for someone else

  Lily 02:05:16 am

from our distributor in Australia?

  janusz 02:07:17 am

no that bought it from private australian company.  

also what is the warranty for your products?

  Lily 02:10:54 am

1 year warranty

  janusz 02:11:35 am

where is your distributor located?

  Lily 02:12:19 am

our distributor are selling electrical pistonpumps mainly

not this item yet

  janusz 02:14:41 am

ok I thought about distribution as well in the near future as well can you tell me about it how to become your distributor for line marking machine in australia?

  Lily 02:15:11 am

what's your company name please?

  janusz 02:17:30 am

zieba pty ltd

question we are using paint — coating based on a durable alkyd modified chlorinated rubber resin — this is quite thick paint is ths going to work with your machine?

are you there?


  Lily 02:31:46 am


this LC860 is designed for heavy material

with high viscosity

so don't worry

  janusz 02:33:28 am


  Lily 02:34:15 am

do you want us to make invoice for you?

  janusz 02:36:10 am

no yet I need to check other costs custom … to know total costs before I make decision.

  Lily 02:36:41 am

ok. we need 20 days for production, please contact u s when you're ready to order.

  janusz 02:40:39 am

ok. Please send me details to my email address about becoming distributor if you have not got one yet in australia

Thank you Lily bye

  Lily 02:44:22 am

you want to be distributor for this model only, right?

  janusz 02:45:39 am

I was thinking about new line marking machines

new models

and parts and service

  Lily 02:47:15 am


  janusz 02:49:20 am

do you have details ready or you need to prepare?

also if you exporting to australia are you using export agent?

  Lily 02:52:35 am

sorry I don't have it ready now.

we export through ourselves

  janusz 02:57:42 am

OK Lily have a nice day i talk to you later  Bye

  Lily 02:57:58 am

ok. thanks.

bye bye


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