DP-6331i electric piston pump for nano coating(waterbase paints)spraying


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  Lily Thu, 06/11/15 08:56:24 am UTC

Hello, this is Lily. Can I help you?

  Client 08:56:27 am

hi lily

  Lily 08:56:33 am


  Client 08:56:58 am

looking for a back pack airless spray system

  Lily 08:57:23 am

back pack?

  Client 08:57:54 am


  Lily 08:57:59 am

oh, got it

for what kinds of purpose

for garden usage?

  Client 08:58:50 am

no, for nano coating usage

  Lily 08:59:29 am

what kinds of coating?

  Client 08:59:47 am

nano coating

it's a waterbase liquid

  Lily 09:01:44 am


are you a contractor?

  Client 09:02:06 am

some kind of

  Lily 09:02:11 am


from Iran?

  Client 09:03:10 am

yes from Iran

  Lily 09:03:22 am

may i have your phone number and name?

we have distributor in Iran

  Client 09:03:40 am

this is not back pack

  Lily 09:03:43 am

we don't have back pack machine

all of our machine are like this

high cart type or carry type

  Client 09:04:40 am

is *** your distributor in Iran?

  Lily 09:05:14 am

***, i'm not sure

i need to confirm with my colleagues

  Client 09:05:57 am

I just looked at ******

  Lily 09:06:19 am

oh, yes

they are our distributor in Iran

  Client 09:06:35 am

is Dino Power a Chinees brand?

  Lily 09:06:50 am


  Client 09:07:31 am

thanks for your info

  Lily 09:07:43 am

you're welcome

  Client 09:08:36 am

who is your distributor in Netherlands?

  Lily 09:09:21 am

do you have partner in Netherlands?

  Client 09:09:35 am


  Lily 09:11:07 am

could you please tell me your partner's phone number? we will ask our client to call him later

  Client 09:12:08 am

I will talk to her and wil let you know

or you may tell the tel number in Netherlands and we will contact him

  Lily 09:13:04 am

i need to confirm with my colleagues

you can send e-mail to me later lily@dpairless.com


  Client 09:13:47 am

i will do that. thank you and goodbye

  Lily 09:13:58 am


DP-6331i Professional airless paint sprayer (1800w 3.8L/min)

DP-6331i Professional airless paint sprayer 


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