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  • Piston pump airless paint sprayer

    Piston Pump Airless Paint Sprayer

    Piston pump airless paint sprayers, from 1L to 8L, electronic pressure controlling & mechanical pressure regulator,  brushless motor and also with carbon brush motor both available.  Piston pump has more benefit than diaphragm , because of its durability and stable performance. we highly recommend our clients to chose piston pump instead of diaphragm pumps.
  • Diaphragm pump airless sprayers

    Diaphragm Pump Airless Sprayers

    Diaphragm pump airless paint sprayers 1hp 1.5hp 2hp from 2L to 4L, 6L, 7L, the diaphragm pump generate max.250bar pressure, mainly for latex painting, roofing coating, epoxy injection, …. It’s not ideal for heavy paint or industrial painting project. Only for light material.
  • Pneumatic airless paint sprayer

    Pneumatic Airless Paint Sprayer

    Pneumatic airless paint sprayers is always designed for heavy duty industrial painting, air-compressor powered airless system, for epoxy, shipyard, anti-corrosive, zinc-rich, floor painting,  organic zinc painting project etc. Because of its low frequency movement, the lifetime of the v-packing and piston rod is more durable and last longer time than electrical sprayers.
    The new series air-mix airless system is new designed machine for precise spraying jobs, especially for furniture surface painting job.
  • Gasoline airless paint sprayer

    Gasoline Airless Paint Sprayer

    Gasoline / petrol engine powered airless painting equipment, equipped with piston or diaphragm airless pump, ideal for outdoor building exterior painting jobs without electricity.  Currently we only equip it with Chinese Famous brand Loncin petrol engine as power, as the HONDA engine made in China is not available for exporting to other countries, except Chinese domestic market.
  • Double-membrane pump

    Double-Membrane Pump

    double membrane pump for fluid transfer / for fine finish painting, low pressure spray (air-compressor powered) but high output, for wood furniture surface painting. Normally for fluid transfer, high volume painting jobs. also used for automotive / truck / etc.
  • Road line marking machine

    Road Line Marking Machine

    Airless line striper, road line marking machine, line striping system, designed for street road sporting line lazer marks, 3900L equipped with piston pump & honda engine. Not used for thermal plastic paint, only cold paint.
  • 2-components spraying machines

    2-Components Spraying Machines

    sprayer for two components, plural dual components spraying, hot/heating, mixing and spraying, like resin & gel coat, epoxy system. The new designed pump with 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:5 two components sprayer is available also.
  • Putty / plaster / cement spray equipment

    Putty / Plaster / Cement Spray Equipment

    Putty plaster gypsum cement-mortar spraying machines, for professional contractor builder, spraying the putty drywall-mud, plastering, rendering interior and exterial jobs. And also the N2, N5 designed for cement motor spraying onto the wall, save your time and labor cost definitely. Similar to PFT machines.
  • Polyurethane foam reactor, polyurea sprayer

    Polyurethane Foam Reactor, Polyurea Sprayer

    PU polyurethane foam spray machine, polyurea sprayers equipment, for attic insulation, wall filling, tank, 1:1 2:1 ratio,powered by air compressor or hydraulic system, industrial coating jobs need this machine, especially for Russia / Scandinavia / UK / Canada / USA market which the temperature is very cold in Winter.
  • Airless paint spray guns

    Airless Paint Spray Guns

    Airless paint spray gun, airless painting guns of max.270bar & 500bar, two or four fingers trigger, sprayers in new contractor silver plus FTX LX80 G10 types. We can offer discount price / cheap price for our airless sprayer gun for your promotion or distribution if you could be our representative in your country.
  • Airless spray tips / guard

    Airless Spray Tips / Guard

    airless spray tips & safety guard in 11.1 & 11.4mm shanks, tungsten carbide orifice nozzle with perfect atomization and good finish result, the spray tip bear pressure to 5000psi or 7500psi,tips size from .011″ to .035″, with tip seal saddle included.  The more size are available soon.
  • High pressure painting hose

    High Pressure Painting Hose

    High pressure hose for airless painting machines, in 3/16″, 1/4″, 3/8″ size, pressure of 230bar 500bar, fibre or wire braided hose for airless painting, with static free feature, different from other cheap hose. We only supply high quality hose without any complaints.
  • Filters for gun / pump / suction

    Filters For Gun / Pump / Suction

    Airless spray gun filter, suction filter, pump manifold filters in 30 60 80 100 150 180 mesh, could be used for all famous brand machines. All use stainless steel material and well weled. Protect your airless spray gun / pump manifold from the dirty. Remember to clean it every day after spraying.
  • Paint tanks

    Paint Tanks

    Paint tanks in 10L 20L 30L 40L 60L 80L capacity, tank with hand mix / air agitator automatic mixing, ideal for big size painting jobs. powered by compressed air. The paint tank include one inner tank, and complete set with hose + spray gun, you don’t need to refill the paint onto the spray gun cup again and again.
  • Drywall sander & vacuum cleaner

    Drywall Sander & Vacuum Cleaner

    Dustless drywall sanders, and vacuum cleaner kit, for dust-free dry wall sanding polishing jobs, especially the newest designed DP1000 patented products , save your cost of the vacuum cleaner. These tool ideal for professional contractors, builders, DIYer’s.
  • Electric HVLP spray guns

    Electric HVLP Spray Guns

    Low pressure electrical HVLP spray guns, paint station, 2-stage & 3-stage turbine sprayer, hot air sprayer system,combine with motor compressor and spray guns. These are new items with new feature, big air out put and more precise atomization , good for your wood / furniture / car / door painting job.
  • Other parts for airless system

    Other Parts For Airless Sprayer System

    Sprayer parts piston rod, v-packing, diaphragm, valve, membrane, fluid pump, repair kit for DP-airless paint sprayer equipments and all other famous brand in American and also Europe. we could be your supplier / factory / manufacturer for any spare parts for the high pressure airless sprayer equipments.

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